• Who benefits from these services?

    Men, women, soldiers, first-responders, victims of abuse, really anyone experiencing pain.

While Sears empowers all types of people in many different situations, he specializes with men and women who have had their lives interrupted by unresolved trauma. People like veterans with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) represent the worst level of trauma because the past unresolved traumatic event(s) involved death or sexual abuse. However, trauma is relative to each person and to the age at which an individual experienced the trauma. Sears’ style is direct, empowering people whose mental health is affected by these experiences to heal from the past and move forward in a healthy way.

Since the pandemic, fewer sessions have been in-person.  The good news is you can be anywhere and benefit from his online counseling and therapy sessions.  Just contact us and make an appointment.

What is considered trauma?

  • Trauma can be the result of combat events a soldier or police officer undergoes in times of crisis or a result from serious accidents where concussions or other bodily injuries occur.
  • Trauma can result from physical or verbal abuse. The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Is totally WRONG. A broken bone takes three months to heal while hurt feelings can last a life time.
  • Sexual abuse
  • Humiliation, bullying
  • Death, divorce, separation: Loss of a loved one
  • Failure in a job, athletic event, task
  • Failure to meet one’s own expectations
  • Loss of a sense of community, isolation from friends, never having friends
  • Guilt for doing something wrong, i.e. cheating on spouse or guilt for not doing enough i.e. the soldier who regrets that he did not fire his weapon quickly enough to save his comrade
  • Survivor’s guilt where an individual makes it through a deadly event i.e. combat, a natural disaster, airplane crash, and cannot understand why he or she survived and the to her people had to die.
  • The accumulation of many “small” unresolved traumas that become “the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”
  • Finally, an event that is inconsistent with the individual’s world view, something that just doesn’t make sense or appears totally inconsistent from what the individual would have expected.

Wherever you are, in BC or WA, take the next step and call one of our US or Canada counseling service locations to see if an appointment is right for you.  If, by rare chance, your first session isn’t helpful, you pay nothing and we part in peace.

Our counseling services include the following:

- Counselor for Addictions
- Psychotherapist
- Counselor for Anxiety and Depression
- PTSD Therapist